3-2-1 Heartful Evening

The secret to a fantastic day starts the night before with a 3-2-1 Heartful Evening. Getting the right rest, downtime, and sleep pattern is crucial to good mental and physical health.

A Morning Groove is great but the secret to a fantastic day starts the night before with a 3-2-1 Heartful Evening. Getting the right rest, downtime, and sleep pattern is crucial to good mental and physical health. Getting the right rest, downtime, and sleep pattern is crucial to good mental and physical health


A Morning Groove is great, but the secret to a fantastic day starts the night before. Getting the right rest, downtime, and sleep pattern are crucial to good mental and physical health. Sleeping issues are increasingly common and can be incredibly frustrating. Not only does a poor night’s sleep reduce energy levels, memory, and cognition, it also contributes to weight gain, hormone imbalances, anxiety, depression, poor immunity, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

This Evening Groove is tried and tested and is based on advice given to me by wonderful breakthrough coaches Donna and Cheryl of Now Is Your Time.

Get Prepared the Night Before

3️⃣  3 hours before bed. Next-Day Prep and Eat Right
2️⃣  2 hours before bed. Work Free Zone
1️⃣  1 hour before bed. Switch Off Screens

3 HOURS BEFORE BED – Next Day Prep and Eat Right

Mornings get off to a great start the more prepared you are for them. So, whether you want to look at your diary and check the next day’s plans, get your running gear ready or prepare the packed lunches – get all your prep done and ticked off before you start to really wind down for the night.

Don’t leave evening jobs, so when you sit down to relax you really are relaxing.

Write your “To-Do” list for the next day so that your head is emptied of tasks.

Eating right means no heavy meals and focusing on sleep supporting nutrients like

Tryptophan and Melatonin.

Avoid stimulants! Coffee, black and green tea, alcohol, sugar, and chocolate are all central nervous system stimulants and can prevent both the onset and the maintenance of sleep. Whilst alcohol appears to induce sleep initially, it actually reduces the amount of REM sleep (deep sleep) and leaves us feeling unrefreshed when we wake up.  

2 HOURS BEFORE BED – Work Free Zone

That means no ‘work’ work, housework, or chores. Instead, an exceptional way to end your day is doing a calming meditation to get your mind into a lovely, restful place.

Whether you do a guided meditation with visualisation or another Heartful Breathing with visualisation, just spend the time imagining yourself living your best life.

If you exercise in the evening choose more relaxing options such as yoga or pilates and keep high-intensity exercise for the morning and early afternoon.

1 HOUR BEFORE BED – Switch Off Screens

At least an hour before you are planning to go to bed (at least an hour!), switch off the phone. Send your goodnight messages to loved ones, switch the brightness right down and resist any further browsing or social media. Ideally, put your phone in a different room and where possible, sleep without your phone in your room. Many people use the excuse that their phone is their alarm – get an alarm clock! I would wholeheartedly recommend a Sunrise Alarm Clock for a gentle start to the day.

You also need to turn off PC/laptop/ tablet and TV to let your brain switch off from the stimulating blue ray which disrupts the body’s natural production of melatonin, our main sleep hormone. If you really want to go for it, I recommend no TV in the bedroom. Your bedroom is best used as a calm sanctuary to escape the world.


Next Day Intention

This is something you can do once your lights are out if you wish. Think about the day to come, imagine how you want it to play through in your mind, picturing it exactly as you want it to be and what it will be or bring for you – and powerfully set that as your intention.

The riches, the real diamonds are where it is hardest to dig. Daydreaming is where our Soul Goal is and as you drift off is a great time for a dolly daydream.

Sleep, knowing that with confidence, you are doing all you can to be the best version of yourself and trust that everything you wish for is already happening.

Then snuggle down with a great book if that is how you like to drift off to sleep (or you may already be gone!)


If you find yourself consistently staying up too late then pull it back by 15-minute increments. Take baby steps and think about what would make it non-negotiable.

Try reframing bedtime to make it more fun with things like a meditation chair, candles in your room, a good book, podcasts that you like, etc

Then make the next morning hour you saved time to do something good for you – not chores!

A 3-2-1 Heartful Evening is part of the 6 Proven Steps to Connecting Heartfully 

Wendy xxx

The Heartfulness Coach

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