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A Jolly Good Clear Out Feels So Great

To attract your desires into your life create some space for them to come in.

Decluttering Activates the Law of Attraction

It is well known amongst some advanced students and practitioners that decluttering activates the Law of Attraction. One of the quickest, easiest, and most effective ways of attracting your desires into your life is to create some space for them to come in. 🎁

If you feel stuck and sluggish, and things are simply not moving the way you want them to, then start to tackle those drawers that are bursting at the seams, the cupboards that have out-of-date ingredients, the piles of paperwork on your desk, and the overflowing garage. 

Clear out as much as you can.

A small clear out will equal a small shift in your life, while a big clear out welcomes a big shift.

The size of the shift rests in your hands. Once you have created space, the universe will fill it. To make sure those empty spaces get filled with your dreams, keep working and taking action on your goals.

You will be surprised just how quickly things will move when you start to move. 

If your life is too full of the old, how can there be space for the new? If you cling on to old belief patterns and habits, there won’t be enough room for your desires to enter into your life. Look at it as a little bit of a mental, and even physical, clear-out.🎇

When our space is clear of clutter, new ideas are born. 

Clear space can be a great nesting ground for the dreams you want to manifest. Marie Diamond says that “our environment is like a 3D vision board”. If this is so, what is yours like? If your home doesn’t truly reflect who you are and the kind of future you want, the chance of it being a nesting ground for miracles is almost nil. 

I invite you to take the 💥 21-Day Declutter Challenge 💥 which is a great thing to do any time of the year.


This Declutter Challenge helps us to clear out in an easy, fun, and effective way. All you need to do is choose one item a day for 21 days from the Declutter Challenge Checklist below and identify unwanted items to rehome, give to charity or dispose of. Remember, you are clearing your energetic field and making way for the new and exciting to enter into your life. 

  1. Skincare products that you don’t use or are out of date. 
  2. DVDs you don’t watch. 
  3. Clothes that are too big/small or have not been worn for six months.
  4. Underwear that is old, frayed or that does not make you feel good. 
  5. Bags, purses, and belts that you don’t use. 
  6. Shoes that you don’t wear. 
  7. Unwanted items in your junk drawer/cupboard (everybody has one!) 
  8. Old electronics (chargers/phones, etc. 
  9. Old paperwork that’s no longer needed (such as bills over a year old) 
  10. Stained or old towels and tea towels. 
  11. Bed linen that you don’t use.
  12. Medicines and vitamins that are expired.
  13. Broken/chipped cutlery or crockery.
  14. Burnt-down candles. 
  15. Holey socks/stockings/tights. 
  16. Books you have read and won’t read again.
  17. Expired food from the freezer. 
  18. Expired food from the fridge. 
  19. Old emails from your inbox.
  20. Old, unused contacts from your phone that you no longer need. 
  21. Old contacts on social media that you no longer talk to. 

To help this challenge along, you are invited to also embark on a 21-day Shopping Fast. This can be tricky for many of us, especially if shopping is one of our emotional releases, but you will notice how liberating this fast is. For the 21-days, only buy things that you actually need. Resist buying all the other ‘stuff’ and instead write each item on a piece of paper for now (notice how cathartic this feels!). At the end of the challenge, you’ll see how much money you saved and hopefully feel so much better as well. 

Decluttering is part of the 6 Proven Steps to Connecting Heartfully

Happy Decluttering

Wendy xxx

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