Bit Heavy, But What Is Your Purpose?

Your Soul Goal, What Lights You Right Up, Your Zone of Genius, Your Heart’s Desire, Your Guiding Star, Your Happy Place, Your True North, Your Total Alignment, Your Passion, Your Inner Contentment……

Your Soul Goal, What Lights You Right Up, Your Zone of Genius, Your Heart’s Desire, Your Guiding Star, Your Happy Place, Your True North, Your Total Alignment, Your Passion, Your Inner Contentment……………

Trying to “find your true purpose” can be like trying to find your perfect partner – often the harder you look, the further away he or she feels! It becomes tricky and stressful, rather than fun and light. 

Your purpose could be to be a Heartful You, simple as. Or you may want to be a Heartful You AND a world-leading nuclear physicist. Or you may want to be a contended gardener or make the best Lemon Drizzle cake in town – it is what floats your boat that counts here.

I wholeheartedly believe that you already have the knowledge and all the answers inside. You may just not yet be properly attuned to your heart energy and internal frequency, but you will be when you consult your highest self, your internal GPS.

We often make this part harder than it needs to be by giving too much voice to our Inner Critic and too much head and heart time to our Limiting Beliefs. Sometimes we are afraid that we don’t have the skills and talent, the time, or the safety net of money in the bank. Often, we are afraid of making another bad career move, or we are just plain scared of being judged, especially by family members or other women with so-called “perfect” or “normal” children…..or partners…or careers…or family relationships (they never are!)

The problem often is that if you change your life and do the thing that you deep down want….you really, really want to do ………and it doesn’t turn out well then there’s nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. So, we just avoid doing it in the first place, so as not to fail or have the humiliation of being judged.

Instead, we may get to know what we want to do but then we come up with a load of smoke screens like the wrong time, no space in my life, not enough money, don’t have the talent, live in the wrong location, rubbish at technology as an excuse. And being honest, that is really all they are.

We can’t see how we will ever be able to get from A to Z (or even A to B!) so we don’t even take the first baby step.  

Instead of being vulnerable, honest, and brave, fear sets in. ‘Who do you think you are to dream such dreams?’ our Inner Critic asks (more of him or her later!)

Well, who are you NOT to? None of us were created to live an unfulfilled life. Remember “what you can conceive you can achieve” If you see it in your mind then you can hold it in your hand, so in the Heartful You Programme we work on what you can see in your mind, where your Superpowers lie and how you can Supercharge your Superpowers. Using some thought-provoking questions like:

Q – What are you naturally good at and most love to do? 

Q – What could you do all day long that would not feel like hard work or a chore? That you never get bored or tired of?

Q – What can you see more clearly than other people?

If you would like to go deeper into Your Purpose, then have a look at the Heartful You Programme here

When I did this exercise in full, my Superpowers were, and still are, LOVE, INSIGHTFULNESS, and CREATIVITY.

These come together in Heartfulness Coaching – bringing light, energy, creativity, and a different perspective to help people from the heart. When you optimise what you are great at every day your energy naturally flows. I feel in perfect alignment when I am Heartfulness Coaching.

Discovering Your Purpose is part of the 6 Proven Steps to Connecting Heartfully

Wendy xxx

The Heartfulness Coach

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