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Heartful Evening Routine

3-2-1 Heartful Evening

The secret to a fantastic day starts the night before with a 3-2-1 Heartful Evening.
Getting the right rest, downtime, and sleep pattern is crucial to good mental and physical health.

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Bit Heavy, But What Is Your Purpose?

Your Soul Goal, What Lights You Right Up, Your Zone of Genius, Your Heart’s Desire, Your Guiding Star, Your Happy Place, Your True North, Your Total Alignment, Your Passion, Your Inner Contentment……

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Good Mood Food

It is well documented that certain foods can boost energy & stabilise mood or contribute to feelings of low mood, anger, irritability & low energy.

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Inspirational People

Without these wonderful people I just wouldn’t be who I am today. I am eternally grateful and know that from dear friends to global megastars they can help and inspire you too.

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Heartful Music

This is so personal and I am sure everyone will have their own favourite uplifting tunes, If you haven’t already I would encourage you to tune into wonderful Californian Singer/ Songwriter Karen Drucker – Music and Message to Heal, Inspire and Empower.

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Inspirational Books

Curled up with a good book soaking up the knowledge to inspire you to live a Heartful life – what’s not to love! Here I share some of my favourite reads.

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Here I share a brief overview of the “5 Side Effects of Kindness” by the amazing Dr. David Hamilton.

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Homeopathy FAQ’s

All you need to know about Homeopathy from what it is, how it works to is it safe and what do I do if my dog eats my remedies? (it happens!)

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5 Best Brain Foods

Eating well is just as good for our mental and emotional health as it is for our physical health. Here we advise on the top 5 foods to boost brain function as advised by leading Natural Health Clinic – Health Optimising UK.

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