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fight or flight

Fight or Flight

This response is continually turned on by little doses of stress and information overload

Eyeball your fear

Eyeball Your Fear

There are shades of Anxiety, Fear, Worry, Discomfort, Doubt, and they are all normal, natural, important, appropriate and there to keep you safe

Heartful Evening Routine

3-2-1 Heartful Evening

The secret to a fantastic day starts the night before with a 3-2-1 Heartful Evening.
Getting the right rest, downtime, and sleep pattern is crucial to good mental and physical health.

Bit Heavy, But What Is Your Purpose?

Your Soul Goal, What Lights You Right Up, Your Zone of Genius, Your Heart’s Desire, Your Guiding Star, Your Happy Place, Your True North, Your Total Alignment, Your Passion, Your Inner Contentment……

Mum Power Pack


Transform from tired you to inspired you

5 easy-to-remember steps to help diffuse those draining moments of stand-off with your Tricky Child or Tween or Teen 
Re-invigorate your Mum Energy.