Consistently Creating Your Dream Life

The power to create is within - learn the Choose Again Method

What do you really, really want, and are your thoughts aligned with that? Is the tail wagging the dog or the dog wagging the tail?

Everything in your life, good and bad, started from a thought, a belief. The more conscious we can become of our thoughts, the more we consciously create our desired reality. Your thought creates anything the only limit is your imagination.

Once you become conscious you can choose exactly what you think. You are the creator, owner, and driver of your thoughts which are at the root of everything you create. Thought is the first step in the chain of events that create our reality, and we need a lot of the same thought to make it bigger – like starting with a drop of water to make a lake.  As it all starts with thought then the power to create comes from within us. 

If your Conscious Chatter is coming from a place of worry, fear, or doubt then you can learn to change the dialogue and how you experience the experience to reduce the Cortisol running around your body.

A most helpful method to help with changing negative thought patterns is THE CHOOSE AGAIN METHOD from super guru Gabby Bernstein. 

Gabby is an amazing “new thought leader” (as named by Oprah) and best-selling author of “The Universe has your back” and “Super Attractor” and she says the moment that you feel out of alignment notice your thought, thank and forgive the thought then Choose Again – what is the best feeling thought I can feel right now? 

Ask yourself if whatever caused this fear was a gift or a blessing in disguise what would it look like. What is it telling me?

Take the issue that is worrying you and confront it with changed thinking and evidence. Complete the sentence;

RIGHT NOW…………………..

For example

I have running water, heat and food

I have love from my friends

I have some money in the bank

I am open to creative possibilities for abundance

Then ask the Universe to guide you towards that new thought whilst saying or writing this prayer:

Thank-you Universe for guiding my thoughts towards feel good emotions.

I recommend practicing this method until it becomes second nature. Until it feels natural to say “I Can. I Will. Watch Me”

This will bring you to a place of neutrality, a place where you are less triggered than before. Going forward try to avoid your triggers e.g. limit your exposure to the news or to social media. Bookend the day as a social media-free zone with notifications turned off.

Say no to events/ people who trigger you – “NO is a complete sentence” (Donna and Cheryl – Breakthrough Coaches – Now Is Your Time)

Consistently Creating is part of the 6 Proven Steps to Connecting Heartfully

Wendy xxx

The Heartfulness Coach

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