Fight or Flight

This response is continually turned on by little doses of stress and information overload

Fight or Flight reaction

The same fight or flight response as caveman times can be continually turned on by little doses of stress and information overload throughout the day. The exact same stress response can be turned on by imaginary stressors.

Sometimes when we are not feeling great in ourselves or about ourselves, we can really overreact and misconstrue how messages are intended to be received.

Sometimes we just retreat. We can’t face any more conflict. We believe we have been ‘caught out’ and they’ve realised we are rubbish and then just back down. Take our toys and go home. Fight or flight is ‘flight’ in this instance.

Or…we stay and fight! The boxing gloves come out and ding-ding, round one, we are in full-on attack mode!

fight or flight response

Taking things the wrong way

We can often take an innocent question as an attack. The important thing to note is that our “Crazy Lady”, insecurities, and paranoia, invites us to respond in a more extreme way as we are often over-thinking the interaction, seeing things that may not be there as we project some of our internal stuff.

Someone just asks us the simplest of questions and we see it as a challenge, an attack, ‘they’re out to get us’ – they’re trying to catch us out. We project the external view that we aren’t good enough, believing they’re ‘on to’ us and we go full throttle! Let’s get them before they get us!

We are in an argument before the other person knows what on earth happened!

This fight response

Is a surge of adrenaline from a primal instinct that we are under attack, being threatened and our fear overrides to get us back to safe ground.

It is exhausting! The constant release of adrenaline can take its toll quickly on our emotions and physical well-being. 

It impacts our relationships as people can perceive us as difficult to deal with, as they will feel they have to walk on eggshells around us or have to deal with us differently as they’re not quite sure how we’re going to come at them. 

Spotting this reaction is key, then you can put steps in to address it. 

Choose faith over fear.

Ask yourself what will nourish your soul and feed your faith. To take ourselves out of fight or flight mode we need to create bliss and joy, not just take ourselves out of stress,

The more you build on your self-worth and inner confidence, these reactions and responses will diminish. Trying not to take it personally or to heart, gives you more strength to be patient with your Tricky Person, and yourself!!

You are not your thoughts. You are not your emotions. You can use your will to change what thoughts you use. The more we can control our thoughts, we can control our responses to those thoughts. 

In the Heartful Mum Programme, you get an insight into your Fight or Flight response and how to manage it.

As the body needs food, the mind needs stillness. Calmness is a forgotten skill – when you calm your mind, you better understand your soul and staying calm brings the best out in your Tricky Person. 

Learning How to Control Your Responses is part of the 6 Proven Steps to Connecting Heartfully

Wendy xxx

The Heartfulness Coach

PS I have a FREE Mum Power Pack which will really help to calm your fight or flight response 

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