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Heartful Breathing

10 Minutes. Every day. For life.

Heartful Breathing

Click here for my 10-minute “Heartful Breathing” recording which features my voice, a song by the wonderful Karen Drucker, and silence, so you can see what comes up for you and how each resonates, to help you develop your own daily practice.
“A breath half taken is a life half lived”
Kundalini Yoga Teacher
Yvette Pickard

You probably know that Mindfulness is moment-by-moment non-judgmental awareness helping you deal with stress in the present. Add to that Mantra Meditation to clear past stress and Manifesting to help you live your dream life. All three come together in Heartful Breathing.

Investing 1% of your time in Heartful Breathing will radically improve the other 99% so let go of the idea that you don’t have time to sit and breathe. Instead think of it as charging your brain, like you do your phone. Heartful Breathing gives the body deep rest; rest that is much deeper than sleep. When you give your body the rest it needs, it knows how to heal itself.

No orange robes, cymbal music, meditating experience, incense, shrines, or special places are required here. There is no right or wrong way to do this, just your way, and contrary to popular belief you don’t have to switch your monkey mind off. Thoughts are fine, they are just your subconscious mind having a clear-out.

The Daily Process

Heartful Breathing is most beneficial as soon as you get up BEFORE you pick your phone up. You can exercise or shower first if you prefer but please don’t get swept into the lure of your phone. 

It is OK to look at a clock to check the time. If you need your phone as a clock or alarm please put it beside you on airplane mode. You can also set a back-up alarm for 10 minutes until you learn to trust your internal clock (Or less. Say 5 minutes if you have less time)

So to begin I invite you to sit comfortably in a chair, upright with your head up, your shoulders relaxed and your feet firmly grounded. Please close your eyes if you are happy to do so.

Your palms are an extension of your heart chakra. Take a deep breath and rub your palms together until they are warm which will open up your heart energy.

Put your dominant hand comfortably on your heart chakra. That is the energetic heart centre in the middle of your chest. Then place your other hand, palm up in your lap. This is known as the receiving mudra, your hand is ready to receive universal energy.

Breathe slowly and deeply, in through your nose and out through your mouth. In through your nose and out through your mouth. As you continue you will most likely feel a warm glow under your hand at your heart centre. This warmth will resonate internally, raising your cellular energy and therefore boosting your Inner Immunity.

For a session, you need to allow a minute at the beginning, a minute at the end, and whatever time you can in the middle. Up to 10 minutes in total.


Step 1

The Mindfulness Minute

This is to encourage you to come into to your senses. Firstly tune into the light and darkness through your closed eyes, you may see floating colours or dots or just a plain dark background. Any and all are OK. Then become aware of the loudest and the softest sounds around you. Just notice them. Then the most prominent & most gentle touches, it could be the rub of a scarf or for me often the dog on my lap as he settles! Discover the taste in your mouth, it may be strong or just a hint of a taste. Then become aware of the strongest & weakest smell around you. You have now come into all your senses. Try to be grounded in them without any judgement.

This step is so simple and so powerful. Keep going with your Heartful Breathing and on your in-breath repeat the Mantra “Heartful” silently to yourself for however long you are Heartful Breathing for today.

In through your nose whilst silently saying “Heartful”, out through your mouth.

In through your nose whilst silently saying “Heartful”, out through your mouth.

If you prefer, which I do, you can instead:

Breathe in through your nose whilst silently saying “Heart” then out through your mouth whilst silently saying “Ful”
Breathe in through your nose whilst silently saying “Heart” then out through your mouth whilst silently saying “Ful”

Step 2

Mantra Meditation

Step 3

The Manifesting Minute

The purpose is to bring you gently and joyfully back from meditation. Say out loud or to yourself “Universe I am so grateful for… and add one goal or dream or desire. This can be the same every day to really boost your manifestation or it can change as often as you like.

The key to magical manifesting is to imagine it as if it were your current reality. Take your goal or dream or desire and really bring that vision to life, what can you see, what are the sounds around you, how vibrant are the colours, what are people saying to you and in particular how does it feel, especially in your heart.

Let yourself enjoy the energy of your dream within the glow of Heartful Breathing.

I hope you enjoy this practice and return to it daily as an important part of living a life that lights you right up.

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