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Online consultation 60-90 mins
= £150 including remedies
E-Consultation =£50 including remedies

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Via Zoom, What’s App, or Facebook Messenger Call 

First, if you want one, a no-obligation, no-charge 10-minute Discovery Call to see if Heartful Homeopathy is for you and if we connect (and also to check the tech – taking the stress out of the actual consultation call!)

There will be a number of simple questions to answer via email prior to your actual consultation to maximise the efficacy of the Heartful Homeopathy Consultation Call itself.

The consultation is a safe and empowering space to connect with your heart and be supported in learning to live a life that lights you up. During it, we will talk through the main stresses in your life and areas of imbalance both physical and emotional. A nurturing chat that I will gently guide, with you focusing wherever it feels right for you to go.

The cellular memory of emotional upset or trauma is carried in the body – “your issues are in your tissues”. As a homeopath I am trained to look for NBWS symptoms (“never been well since”) which most people have on some level. It is the time when the pebble (or rock!) went into the emotional waters and caused a ripple effect that is still rippling. It could be a devastating loss or accident, bullying, being consistently undermined, loss of a dream, being in a confidence-sapping situation, abuse, or relationship breakdown. Sometimes it is a change that sounds positive but has been difficult for you – the birth of a baby, a new sibling, or a high-powered job.

It is totally possible for remedies to stimulate you to self-clear those issues, however far back they go, based on the homeopathic principle of the Law of Similars or “like cures like”. My job is to match your emotional symptoms to remedies whose curative indication is like them, symptoms both at the surface and at the core.

Homeopathic Remedies which have no side effects and can be taken alongside conventional medication will be prescribed to help support individual emotional re-balancing. They could include remedies to support trauma clearing, grief, loss, self-esteem, anxiety, panic attacks, heart chakra rebalancing, and much more. These are included in the consultation cost and posted to you.

If you have any general questions about Homeopathy then please have a look at my FAQ’s here

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