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Zoom lessons on Monday 4th and Monday 11th October, both 8 pm UK time.

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My mission is to help stressed-out women who think that they are failing at a particular relationship, at work, or at home to STOP trying to CONTROL and FIX their Tricky Person. Instead, we focus on what you can change. YOU.

If you are emotionally depleted by a Tricky Relationship with a child, teen, partner, ex, family member, friend, colleague, or boss then I would like to welcome you with an open heart to the Heartful You Re-Set where you will take simple proven steps that could help re-energise and transform your relationship.

Covering subjects like  – Your Heart Connection, Law of Attraction, Your Vision, Your Tricky Relationship, Knowing Your Why, Gratitude Practice, and Great Morning Routine.

I offer a 3 Session video Mini-Course, each session lasts around 30-minutes with “Growth Work” in between.
You have lifetime access and so can view the videos and do the work around your schedule.

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