Heartful Music

This is so personal and I am sure everyone will have their own favourite uplifting tunes, If you haven’t already I would encourage you to tune into wonderful Californian Singer/ Songwriter Karen Drucker – Music and Message to Heal, Inspire and Empower.

If you enjoy Karen’s music please download via her website – https://www.karendrucker.com/ – so that she receives the proceeds.  I have given you the links below to my favourites:

Gentle with Myself – https://www.karendrucker.com/store/songs-of-the-spirit-3/

I’m So Grateful – https://www.karendrucker.com/store/songs-of-the-spirit-4/

There Is Only Love – https://www.karendrucker.com/store/songs-of-the-spirit-2/

Receiving Chant – https://www.karendrucker.com/store/songs-of-the-spirit-3/

Prosperity Chant (What do I Want) https://www.karendrucker.com/store/songs-of-the-spirit-2/

I’ve Got the Power (All About Love) – https://www.karendrucker.com/store/all-about-love/

Thank you for this Day – https://www.karendrucker.com/store/songs-of-the-spirit-2/

Today I Choose – https://www.karendrucker.com/store/joy-in-our-hearts/

My Religion is Kindness – https://www.karendrucker.com/store/beloved/

I am Loved – https://www.karendrucker.com/store/songs-of-the-spirit-3/

I am so Blessed – https://www.karendrucker.com/store/songs-of-the-spirit-2/

Let it Shine- https://www.karendrucker.com/store/shine/

The Healing Song – Joy fills every cell – https://www.karendrucker.com/store/songs-of-the-spirit-1/

Other tunes which help to lift your vibe are numerous, here is a very small sample:

  • Heaven is a place on Earth                                      Belinda Carlisle
  • Money Is Coming To Me!                                         Eddie Watkins Jr
  • I Won’t Waste (One More Minute of My Life)     Jami Lula
  • Happy                                                                           Pharrell Williams

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