Homeopathy FAQ’s

All you need to know about Homeopathy from what it is, how it works to is it safe and what do I do if my dog eats my remedies? (it happens!)

What is homeopathy and how does it work?

ANSWER; Homeopathy effectively stimulates your body to heal itself from the cause of illness, not just the symptoms.  I identify areas of emotional and physical imbalance which are redressed through bespoke remedies selected to stimulate your body to regain its own equilibrium.

What can homeopathy treat?

ANSWER; Homeopathy treats the whole person and not just the disease so it can be effective in the treatment of virtually any complaint. These are just a few which I am most often asked to treat:

Emotional health – anxiety, depression, insomnia, panic attacks.
All women’s health issues – period problems, menopause, fertility, pregnancy.
Digestive disorders – IBS, constipation
Immune system issues – asthma, eczema, hay fever, allergies.
All children’s health issues – teething, ear/ nose/throat, sleep, behavioural issues.

Can I take homeopathy with other conventional medicine?

ANSWER; Homeopathy has a different philosophy to conventional medicine but the two systems of healthcare can complement each other. It is fine to continue taking your prescribed drugs. Homeopathy will still be effective and won’t interfere with their action.

How do I take my homeopathy?

ANSWER; One dose is one pillule. Allow the pillules to dissolve under the tongue.  Take away from food, drink, toothpaste and each other by 5 minutes.  Where remedies are to be taken 2 x daily or 3 x daily, please spread the doses through the day.

What are the potencies of homeopathy?

ANSWER; The starting remedy is made from the substance steeped in alcohol and strained – this is called the tincture, or mother tincture (and in some cases is what herbalists use.) The most commonly used scales for diluting substances are the centesimal scale (c) which means one part tincture to 99 parts alcohol or the decimal scale (x) which means one part tincture to 9 parts alcohol. The mixture is then shaken vigorously or succussed. The potency of the remedy is identified by how often this process takes place. A 6c or 6x has been diluted and succussed 6 times, a 30c suitable for family/ home prescribing has been diluted/ succussed 30 times………and so on.

Paradoxically the more times the remedy has been diluted the higher its potency (remember we are dealing with energetic medicine) and the higher potencies 200c, 1M (diluted 1000 times), 10M (diluted 10,000 times) and CM (diluted 100,000 times) are highly respected by homeopaths and should not be used by the home prescriber.

Can I take too many pills?

ANSWER; You should take one at a time but if you take more there will be no adverse affect. If you take too many pills i.e. several a day for months on end then your body will become immune to their curative effect. As your symptoms change you should be checking in with me by e mail to review your remedies.

How long will it take for my homeopathy to work?

For an acute prescription:

ANSWER; Follow the instructions given. As a general rule take up to 6 pills – if you have taken 6 and there is no change then the remedy may need reviewing. Once you see the remedy has started to work – a definite reaction or change – then continue with the same remedy but take it less often. Once there is a marked improvement – a strong positive reaction – then you must stop taking it. This is the opposite of orthodox medicine and is because a homeopathic remedy acts as a trigger/ a catalyst – it stimulates the body to heal itself and once this has happened the body’s own healing processes will take over.

For a constitutional/chronic prescription:

ANSWER; Follow the instructions given. Each case and reaction time is very different, depending upon the severity of symptoms, the length of time you have had them and your vitality/ energy levels. As a general rule you should begin to notice a positive change within a week of starting remedies. Keep in touch with me by e mail and I can adjust your prescription if necessary.

Are homeopathic remedies dangerous?

ANSWER; Safety is one of homeopathy’s great strengths. Whilst nothing can be said to be 100% safe, homeopathy comes very close. The Medical and Research Director of the Royal London Homoeopathic Hospital has researched all reports world-wide and found fewer than 10 of adverse side effects with homoeopathy.

Will I have any side effects?

ANSWER; Remedies are non toxic, non addictive and have no harmful side effects. It is very unusual but a “homeopathic aggravation” can occur. As part of the curative process current symptoms may temporarily worsen or old symptoms may temporarily reappear. These commonly take the form of skin symptoms, diahorrea, need to sleep or emotional upset and will normally last 24-48 hours at most. If you are concerned please get in touch and I will ascertain if it is your homeopathy or another trigger such as a virus or stressful situation causing problems.

What happens if my children/my dog take my remedies?

ANSWER; Remedies only affect people with the symptoms they are intended to cure. If your children/ dog take remedies it is best to keep an eye on them for 24 hours but it is likely that  they will have no effect at all.

How should I store my homeopathy?

ANSWER; In a dry place, away from sun and strong perfumes.  Not in refrigerators.

Do I need to finish my course of homeopathy?

ANSWER; It is best to. The exception to this is if you have a sudden and marked improvement in which case great, just e mail me to check in before stopping.

What happens if I run out of homeopathy?

ANSWER; If you are taking a remedy until your next review, then don’t worry, the chances are you have had enough of that remedy. E mail and let me know how you are doing and I will decide if we need to repeat.  If you run out before you have finished a prescription (i.e. I have not sent enough) then apologies – let me know and I will resend as soon as possible.

What happens if I forget to take my homeopathy?

ANSWER; If you are taking a remedy daily until your next review then don’t worry, just continue daily from when you remembered again.  If you are taking a remedy for a prescribed number of doses or daily for a number of days then continue from when you remembered and complete the course meaning that you finish later than originally prescribed.

Who can be treated?

ANSWER; The simple answer is anyone but especially those with chronic diseases (particularly where there may be poor prognosis), those who suffer from repeated episodes of acute illnesses and those for whom drug treatments are poorly tolerated or contra-indicated e.g. pregnant women, babies, children and the elderly.

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