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Immunity by Numbers

Based on “Five to Thrive” podcast by the amazing Rachel Hollis. For you if you like to keep things simple!


Drink Half Your Body Weight In Water!

This is absolute game changer. Weigh yourself in pounds. Half it. Drink that in fluid oz every day. Which you may want to convert to ml so you can make it a number of bottles. If Maffs isn’t your strong point here is an example to work through and guide you.

Weigh in at 140lbs (I wish!), Half that = 70lbs, Drink 70 fl oz every day = 2100 ml (for an approximate result, multiply the volume value by 30 – so 70 x 30 = 2100)

That is approx. 4 big Chilly bottles (500ml ones) or approx. 8 little ones (260ml) every single day to detox and energise


Sitting is the new smoking

Stay active and move for at least 30 minutes every day in whatever way floats your boat (that day). From a gentle stroll to dancing your socks off in your front room to a full high cardio workout.


Create your Power Hour

One hour to yourself first thing in the morning. Use your “me time” to exercise, meditate, journal or sit and read. Be prepared that by getting up an hour earlier you may need to go to bed an hour later!


Lean into your own Lent

Cut out a food that you are most addicted too and you know does you no good (like crisps or chocolate!) 30 days in the desert without it is all it takes to form a new habit. No cheating and you will emerge healthier and empowered.


Write down 5 gifts every night before bed.

What are 5 beautiful, small things that you are grateful for today? Everyday simple things like a cuppa, the sunset, a song on the radio or laughter. Go to sleep bathed in gratitude. You can’t be angry or depressed or anxious at the same time you are grateful.

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