Letting Go of Fear

Don’t Allow Your Fear to be Greater Than Your Dreams

Fear Blocks Feeling Good

I want to share with you the thoughts of Gabby Bernstein here. Of all the blocks to our Super Attractor Power the biggest is our resistance to feeling good through fear. 

Have you come to rely on fear as a form of protection against feelings of disappointment or hurt?

Unfortunately, most of us are addicted to fear and we don’t trust that things can be good in every aspect of our life. Unconsciously we think that if we focus on the good stuff, we will lose control, be unsafe, or be disappointed. The ego has convinced us that “good” is limited and eventually our luck will run out. Society dictates that if something is worth having it requires struggle, perseverance, and sacrifice.

Remember the Universe always delivers but if we believe in suffering, we will suffer. 

This really needs to sink in and is probably the opposite of everything you have been taught.

“I make the decision to not allow my fear to be greater than my dreams” 

manifesting your dreams

This is a key affirmation taught to me by Donna and Cheryl – Breakthrough Coaches, Now Is Your Time

Another well-known favourite is “What you resist persists” so don’t try and ignore the fear. Instead embrace it by acknowledging it and thanking it and allowing it to flow away. 

When fear is triggered you can mentally press CTRL/ALT/DELETE in your head to switch it off.

Good things can come easily

In order to truly live as a Super Attractor, we must accept this. Thoughts like “My relationships are such a struggle” or “I have to work my rocks off to succeed” are backed with the energy of resistance. Instead release that resistance and let yourself feel good then everything you truly desire will begin to come to you naturally. When we feel good, we attract solutions rather than problems and life flows naturally.

The key to feeling good is to decide to stop feeling bad

It is as simple and as profound as that. There is no other way.

For far too long we say – I will feel good when xxxxx – fill in the blanks???

When we make feeling good our priority everything else can flow

Deciding to feel good is easier than you think! Feeling good is our birth right and the Universe is guiding us even when we resist it. This isn’t “fake it until you can make it”. 

It is important to accept that the instant we let go of our resistance a flood of support and love rushes in. 

The secret to releasing the blocks to your dreams is surrendering. That doesn’t mean giving up, it means giving over your dreams to the care of the Universe.

“I surrender to the Universe, and I welcome what is for the highest good of all”

The Universe wants you to feel good and wants to guide you toward exactly what you want and need.

Make Feeling Good a Practice

Dedicate time each day to consciously focus on feeling good so that over time it becomes your default setting.

In addition to affirmations and meditating on good feelings do more things that make you happy. Make having fun your top priority.

What things bring you joy? Do them more often.

Make feeling good your highest priority in the same way you might make family or exercise your priority. If you need structure to honour this priority that is OK – in time it will become a habit.

Waking up to these powerful concepts and consciously starting to learn to work with the Law of Attraction can and will greatly increase the frequency of good experiences. On the same token, it can also start to diminish the amount of negative experiences.

Letting Fear Go is part of the 6 Proven Steps to Connecting Heartfully

Wendy xxx

The Heartfulness Coach

PS Heartful Breathing will help you release that fear in whatever form it manifests. It brings together Mindfulness, Meditation, and Manifesting in one simple practice that gives the body rest far deeper than sleep. Click here for a free audio.

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