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Meet Wendy

Wendy Molyneux BA, LCH

The Heartfulness Coach®

Heartful Connection Mentor, Author, Creator of the Heartful Mum Programme and Homeopath, with great intuition, a sunny outlook & rich life experience.


What’s In My Heart

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A huge achievement but it was in the 1980’s when everyone was making money like it was going out of fashion! I worked very hard, played just as hard and made some lifelong friends.

Pink peonies are my favourites, I have to be able to see green wherever I am, and especially love dog walks and talks in the New Forest. In the eighties I had pink cars and a pink computer monitor, as well as pink streaked hair. I am always attracted to pink and green and am fascinated by soul colours.

From visiting wonderful relatives in magnificent Canada to glorious beaches in Hawaii and Fiji, the buzz of Australia, the beauty of New Zealand and the amazing inspiration that is the Far East. I was so lucky to have that time to enable me to move away from the money treadmill and work out what was important to me.

Since training as a homeopath in the mid 1990’s I have been privileged to help many people and work at an amazing Natural Health Clinic, learning from the leading naturopath in the UK. I know that with the right, individualised stimulus and using Nature’s Wisdom, the body is completely capable of self-healing.

Every year we have a wonderful holiday with dear and special friends, back to the same beach with the same people doing the same things. It lifts our hearts, lights up our souls and connects us to each other in the most gorgeous space. I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

I have always been sports mad and my first ever match was Southampton vs Chelsea aged 9. My whole family supported Saints so of course I supported the other side. I went to University in London close to Stamford Bridge and have been following “The Blues” through highs and lows ever since.

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