Powering Up Not Powering Through

Tap into and look after your energy, as well as create more of it.

Time and money are very precious commodities, but they have no value at all without physical and emotional energy, the most valuable resource of all. 

These days, it seems commonplace to check phones as soon as we wake and engage with social media. We check-in with emails on weekends and holidays ‘just in case’, and work through our lunch break. We eat convenience food, drink alcohol to wind down, sleep a few hours a night, and have our family time, which we profess is our priority, often at the bottom of the never-ending “to-do” list.

That is before we even think about any time or space for ourselves – our “Me-time”, which we should unapologetically time block.

So, is it any wonder that we struggle with the extra energy undoubtedly required to have a positive relationship with any tricky people around us.

Tapping into and looking after your energy, as well as creating more of it, goes a long way to not only ensuring that you optimise your potential in all areas of your life but more importantly, that you can sustain that potential.

Self-care = powering up, not powering through. 

You are your own power station and need to keep topping it up so ask yourself what is one thing that you can do and then keep adding to that?

The mind-body connection is key to our health and wellbeing. In my years of practice as a homeopath I have found, time and again, that ongoing emotional issues  we struggle to deal with disproportionately deplete our physical health. “Your issues are in your tissues”

All mental, emotional and physical conditions start in the mind, I recommend that you watch the factual film HEAL (try for free on Netflix) because it is full of mind-blowing information like the fact that 98% of disease is related to stress and consequential inflammation. 2% is genetic including Alzheimer’s Disease. 

To be more conscious, calm, and grounded it is good to reflect on your energy zappers and energy boosters. Have a think about these questions and I have popped in my answers to get you thinking.

The thing I can see that drains my energy that doesn’t add any value is…

Getting involved in arguments with my Tricky Teen

What I’m going to do to remove that activity is…

Be kind and calm. Be neutral like Switzerland. Don’t always have to have a view – zip my lip

Heartful Breathe and protect my heart every time she talks to me

Let go of the need to control


The thing I’m going to do more of in order to boost my physical energy daily is…

Movement like yoga or exercise bike every morning before I pick up my phone

The thing I’m going to do more of in order to boost my emotional energy daily is…

Heartful Breathing every single day

Supercharging your Energy is part of the 6 Proven Steps to Connecting Heartfully

Wendy xxx

The Heartfulness Coach

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