Tell yourself what you want, what you really, really want

A key part of raising your energetic vibration is to choose positive affirmations. 

A key part of raising your energetic vibration is to choose positive affirmations.  

We have or can have everything that we want – the thing that stops us from seeing that is our own mindset. When we affirm daily, we change that and form a new neural pathway. Affirmations are incredibly powerful to have in your toolbox!

The Law of Attraction teaches us that “like attracts like”, or, to put it another way, “thoughts become things”. So, what we think is a critical part of manifesting what we want out of life. Positive affirmations help us harness the power of our thoughts.

Essentially, positive affirmations are short, uplifting, and motivational phrases that make you feel good and affirm what you want out of life. They help you to magnify your thoughts to become a deliberate creator and manifest the things you want. 

Your subconscious mind recognises your voice. It is important to speak up and say it out loud – to yourself, in the mirror, record it on your phone. 

I invite you to use these affirmations and please remember that passion and excitement are very important to lift the energy. A good time to affirm regularly is every time you wee and I recommend putting your hand on your throat chakra to release your affirmation and increase the energy of your spoken word.

General Affirmation like; “I am buzzing that life loves me and I love life”

Affirmation to improve your health; “I feel alive with energy”

If you want to improve your finances; “Every day in every way I am becoming more abundant”

Or if you’re looking for love; “I am ready and excited to accept love into my life”

A more beautiful general affirmation to lift energy; “I have a happy, wonderful life”

And, finally, Heartful You affirmation. “I approve of myself and that is such a good feeling”

Have a go at creating your own powerful positive affirmations using guidance based on successful ordering from the simply written e-book “The Cosmic Kitchen”. Principles like…

Be specific, make sure your orders are written in the present tense and order using positive language. Focus on what you do want, not what you don’t want, and include words that convey positive, energetic feelings and tap into your feelings. 

It is also important to Trust the timing of delivery. Let go of your timeline

Allow the Universe to bring things together at the right moment for you. A part of trusting the timing for your order to arrive is letting go of the need to have it (otherwise the Universe responds to your underlying fear). The stronger the feeling of trust the more quickly your order will be completed – “infinite patience produces immediate results”

Let the Cosmic Chef decide how you receive your order

Once you have created the affirmation that expresses the result you want, focus lightly on the result, not the process to get there. Shakti Gawain, author of “Creative Visualisation” recommends that you add the phrase “this or something better” at the end of your affirmations.

Hit reply or DM me and let me know what is your numero uno Positive Affirmation

Positively Affirming is part of the 6 Proven Steps to Connecting Heartfully

Wendy xxx

The Heartfulness Coach

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