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12-week, 22-module online programme
Includes one-to-one coaching – 3 sessions
Private Facebook support group

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My mission is to help stressed-out Mums who think that they are failing at parenting, to STOP trying to CONTROL and FIX their super anxious Teens. Instead, we focus on what you can change. YOU.

SO THAT you live a life that lights you right up and have more energy to be a calm and confident super-mum at the heart of your family.

This proven 6-step, 22-module online coaching programme with a private Facebook support group is for stressed-out Mums who are generally confident in life but feel like a failure as a parent, and:

  • Are ready to make and maintain a real heart-to-heart connection with their Troubled Tween or teen (their “TT”)
  • Want to transform from being Half-Hearted Mum to Whole-Hearted Mum
  • Want to move from living an emotionally draining life to one that truly lights them up.

The Heartful Mum Programme is designed to be done over a 12-week period, but you have got access to it for life in your Heartfulness Hub so can flexibly fit around you.



We look at different ways to raise your energetic vibration like an Attitude of Gratitude, a Negativity Detox, and a Declutter Challenge, as well as setting your “Soul Goal” and learning to talk nicely to yourself.


Discovering your Purpose and looking at what is On Your Heart Right Now. Learn how to affirm positively and how to order from the Cosmic Kitchen, as well as how to make the most of consistently creating by aligning your thoughts with your desires.


Supercharge your energy, the most valuable parenting resource of all, with great morning and evening routines and improved habits. To be a Model Role Model the greatest gift we can give our TT is our own happiness.


Get clear on what triggers your Inner Critic and establishing Healthy Boundaries. The more clarity you have the more rewarding the outcome of the work on putting your TT relationship under the microscope.


Build Mum Confidence through Eyeballing Your Fear and Letting It Go as well as Releasing Limiting Beliefs. Learn about your personal Fight or Flight response and how to control your responses.


Kindfulness and being a Mindful Mum, together with assertion, not aggression when communicating with your TT. Learn the best way to live a life that lights you right up through tools like Creative Visualisation and most importantly Fun! Fun! Fun!

Empowering you to transform from Stressed Mum to Blessed Mum, and really connect with your troubled Tween or Teen (your “TT”)

Here is what some clients have had to say about Heartfulness:

“The course has been brilliantly put together and I have to say I have found it invaluable with a number of areas I have really connected with…. uplifting, emotional and joyful……Thank You” 

Mrs. LN, Farnham

“The word that popped into my head to describe the Programme so far is JOY (and some PEACE)”

Mrs. DS, Southampton

“So many words to describe the Programme and this week has certainly been challenging so I think my word is UPLIFTING. Through the low points of this week by completing the challenges I have been uplifted to a more positive mindset”

Ms. WK, Southampton

“My one word for the Programme is “INSPIRING” (and BEAUTIFUL if I’m allowed to sneak a 2nd!”

Mrs. KT, Newcastle

“Thank you so much, Wendy, you have put together the most inspiring, beautiful, emotionally awakening and educational course for us all – you’re a superstar”

Mrs. HD, Weybridge


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