The Law of Attr-ACTION

The Five Steps to Amazing Manifesting – Ask, Believe, Feel, Act, Receive

Manifesting or Co-creating

“Manifesting is the process of vibrating at a high frequency so that you become a vibrational match with the Universe and can co-create your world”

Manifesting is also known as co-creating because it is a collaboration between you and you and your higher power, the Universe, God, whatever you feel comfortable with.

The Law of Attraction in action. 

The book and film The Secret set out three basic steps to attracting what you want into your life:

  1. Ask
  2. Believe
  3. Receive

I have found from my personal experience that attracting what you want in life (and quickly) involves five basic processes:

1.     Ask

2.     Believe

3.     Feel

4.     Act

5.     Receive

What is your Big Dream?

law of attraction

Firstly, identify your desire. What do you plan to do with this one wild and precious life? If you had £1 billion and all the time in the world, what is it that you would get up and do every day?

Then ask yourself

How does my desire bring my hearts joy? From some new plants in the garden to CEO of a global enterprise, this is your heart’s joy, not anyone else’s.

How does my desire bring more support, love, service, and inspiration to the world?

Open your journal and write for 5 to 10-minutes about how your desire lights you up inside. Write about how your inspiration and positive energy serves others. When you align your energy with service and inspiration, you can trust that it will propel your vision forward.

Finally, let yourself cultivate feelings of joy, inspiration, and great contribution. Give yourself permission to celebrate your desires! Purpose can change over time. It is the feeling and passion that are the key.

Keep refining your Big Dream until you are happy and consider keeping a little summary on your phone to look at every day. Know that you can change it as you evolve.

The Five Steps in More Detail

  1. Ask for it. It is important to ask for it in the right way. Not, Dear God I would love to be a size zero right now! A more powerful prayer is – Thank You Universe for all that you have given me, for my lovely children, my beautiful home, and a career that I love. Please give me the strength to make wise, nutritious choices to nurture my body and continue to move towards optimal weight and health.
  2. Believe it will happen. If it exists in the universe then it exists for you. A good way to reinforce this is to immerse yourself in great Law of Attraction testimonials to inspire you. Have a search on YouTube for the likes of Oprah, Will Smith, and Jim Carey amongst others.
  3. Feel the passion and excitement. Imagine and invoke the feelings that accompany what you want Be childlike and playful and make-believe to get into the feeling. This raises your vibration meaning that you are more likely to attract your desires.
  4. Act. Nothing will change if nothing changes. Move towards it. What is the one thing you can do? Keep It Simple and one step at a time, doing something towards your goal every day will mean that you are 365 steps closer this time next year. I like to think of it as the “Law of Attr-Action” What is the next Inspired Action? Share it and declare it.
  5. Receive and enjoy. Cultivate patience and allow the universe to orchestrate events to bring your heart’s desire to you in the perfect time and space sequence. And be so very grateful for it so doing.

To supercharge the process remember to say thank you to the Universe. “Thank You Universe from the bottom of my heart for bringing this lovely group of people to me and allowing me to share my passion for Heartfulness and helping people to become Heartful…………….


Many folks think of manifesting as something they do only while in their “Zen Den”, on their meditation pillow, with every crystal lined up and candle lit. They spend some amount of time in that space meditating, journaling, and doing whatever else helps them get aligned, feel good, and connect to spirit. 

…And then they get up, go about their day and leave their spiritual practices behind.

Don’t save your manifesting practices for one special time and place. When you compartmentalise your spiritual practices like this, you’re cutting off the inspiral flow Inspiration isn’t something we can feel only on a retreat, in a yoga class, or at a religious service. We do ourselves a great disservice when we put it in a box and keep it separate from the rest of our life. 

Manifesting is part of the 6 Proven Steps to Connecting Heartfully

Wendy xxx

The Heartfulness Coach

PS We go into much more detail about Manifesting and Creative Visualisation in the Heartful Mum Programme. Click here.


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