Your Inner Crazy Lady – Ditch the Bitch!

Listen to your Inner Crazy Lady, Answer her Back and Wave her Away

Triggering your “Crazy Lady” and Answering Back

For each of the key things she says to you on repeat, I want you to come up with a real alternative. So, for example, if your Crazy Lady tells you that you’re useless at your job, the alternative is that you are good at your job because of xxxxxx… for example……I’m good at my job because my boss just told me I’m great last week and involved me in an important new project. 

Fanny-Anne, My Crazy Lady says … “How can you be The Heartfulness Coach – sometimes you are really unheartful (is that even a word!) and unkind to your anxious Teen”

In reality….. “I am doing the best that I can do, am kind much more often than I am not and “be kind” has been a lightbulb moment to totally Re-Set our Relationship and drive the Heartful You Programme”

Listen to your Crazy Lady, thank her for bringing the thought to your attention and trying to protect you, then wave her away with good grace.

Wave your Inner Crazy Lady away

A Special Word about “NO”

When someone says NO to us that can send our Crazy Lady into a real tailspin. 

Why not – they don’t like me, they don’t want me. I am not good enough etc.

When in reality, NO just means ….. Not for that thing. Not from that person. Not at that time. And that is all it means!

Diluting your Crazy Lady 

Once you know what sets you off like a firework, you can put strategies in place to protect yourself.

First, you need to take a look at how your Triggers make you behave. We work on changing this, but first, it’s important you understand that your actions and reactions are a choice.

Let that sink in.

It might not feel like it at the time when your subconscious pops something into your head and it sets of a stream of emotions and reactions – but there are choices in there and that’s what we work on, together with a plan of action, for each of your triggers one at a time in the Heartful Mum Programme.

Some Questions to Ask Yourself

Here are a few using my relationship with my Tricky Teen when she is super-anxious as an example. We dive right into this important work in the Heartful Mum Programme.

Q1. What is one of the most common situations that your “Crazy Lady” shows up in?

When Tricky Teen is being a selfish cow or plain nasty to me, and I react in an angry rage and rant. 

Fanny Anne tells me that I am a crap parent and far too unkind and mean to run a Heartfulness Business

Q4. How does all of this leave you feeling afterwards?

Sorry for myself

A failure as her parent

Q5. What reaction can you choose the next time?

Stop. Heartful Breathe. Connect. (Text?) Reflect Problem Solve (only if asked). 

Really genuinely try to understand her self-sabotage from my heart without judgement or criticism and don’t try to fix her. Just ask if she wants to talk about anything or if there is anything I can do, however late at night.

Q8. How will you know when you’ve done this successfully?

We will have a more positive relationship and I won’t feel like I am damaging her

Diluting your Crazy Lady is part of the 6 Proven Steps to Connecting Heartfully

Wendy xxx

The Heartfulness Coach

PS. Click here to find out more about my Heartful Mum Programme

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